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Get your company ready for the EU Whistleblower Directive with WhistleOn

Meet WhistleOn, a secure and anonymous Business Whistleblower Hotline system that works in compliance with the EU Whistleblower Directive, Protected Disclosures (Amendment) Act 2022 (Ireland), Protection of the Whistleblower (Amendment) Act 2021 (Malta), and key EU privacy regulations.

About WhistleOn

WhistleOn is located in Lisbon, Portugal. We are the international brand of Ouvidor Digital Whistleblowing Company. Our team is dedicated to reporting channels and, therefore, our solution was developed based on the best market practices. Our consultants are specialized in Compliance and Governance, operating in the largest companies in the world.

WhistleOn allows the generation of analysis of reports to support strategic decision making. Through our experience, we enable our customers to optimize the use of the channel and take effective actions thanks to reports.

+700 happy companies in +14 countries 🙂

We serve small, medium and large companies from all market segments with cases in Industry, Commerce, Services, Government and Third Sector


It is the municipal body that promotes the development of the municipality in all areas of life, such as health, education, social action and housing, basic sanitation, transport and communications, public supply, culture, consumer protection and civil protection.


World reference company in the textile clothing industry, which stands out for its innovation and verticality. It operates in all stages of the textile production process, from spinning, through weaving and finishing, to the manufacture and sale of high quality products.


It holds the concession for the total length of 85 km of motorways, between the A8 North (Caldas da Rainha – Leiria) and the A15 (Caldas da Rainha – Santarém). It has the most modern driver support equipment: internal television circuits for traffic control; weather stations; SOS posts.

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We are in compliance with major regulations and privacy laws in EU

Our services and data are hosted in the Google cloud (Google Cloud Platform). The data is stored, geographically, in europe-west1 (Belgium) regions.  Our infrastructure is certified by the Privacy Shield EU-US and Swiss-US structures. In all data stored in our infrastructure is encrypted in storage using the AES256 algorithm.

Who has to comply with an EU Directive?

Meet the criteria below and find out if your company has to comply

Organisations that operate in an EU member state

Organisations with more than 50 workers

Public or private organizations that operate in an EU

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Customer Success to enhance employees engagement

Page for capturing reports in multiple languages

Custom forms and personalised website

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Customer Success to enhace employeeys engagement

Page for capturing reports in multiple languages

Custom forms and personalised website

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Everything you need to know about EU Whistleblowing Directive

Everything you need to know about EU Whistleblowing Directive

In order to guarantee a standard for the protection of the whistleblowers, the UE adopted EU Whistleblowing Directive on December 16, 2019 The Directive has been created as a response to the multiple scandals involving whistleblowers, including the Cambridge Analytica...