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Mobile Video DJ Service uses the state of the art JBL integrated PRX 700 Series Technology Total power 6000 watts RMS the system is modular and can be configured for a small room for a few guest or 500 to 600 guest just let us know your requirements. 

The Video Subsystem uses Audio Visual DJ projection system for High Definition MP-4 video files the 4x10 Foot 1.22 x 3.1M screen is 16:9 ratio for that full screen motion picture effect.

Videos: Top 40, Urban, Hip Hop, 70's, 80's Country, Latin, Rock

The Marquee service provides a streaming marquee at the bottom of the screen for advertisements, Drink specials, Happy Birthday Notices, or special event notifications.

When the system is not playing standard High Definition Video's the system head switches to the JPEG projection mode providing almost real-time Picture JPEG file projections.

Yes; we can take pictures during the event and post them to the screen in almost real time. Your guest on screen seconds after the picture had been taken or memories of the bride, and groom during the courting period. Or photos of the last party, or Your provided JPEG files displayed on screen in-living color. last weeks crowd on screen this week or last nights, tonight.

Whistle On Records Mobile DJ service can provide envomentaly friendly electrical power service for remotely isolated locations. (Beach Party!!!!!)